Library catalog card selections

Boxing up cards from a library card catalog from a community college, and out of the orderliness and precision (301.450973 as one example) of the Dewey decimal system a sampling of titles that caught my eye:

Radical chic & mau-mauing the flak catchers
Why can't they be like us?
Outcasts in their own land
Life on the English manor
Protestant establishment: aristocracy and caste
The golden bowl be broken
Diary of a sit-in
Children of the uprooted
The free negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860
Intellectuals today: problems in changing society
Trucker: portrait of the last American cowboy
Wolf by the ears
Red, white and blue-collar views
Meaning and demeaning of routine work
Dispossessed majority
Getting back together
Physics and its fifth dimension
101 uses of dBase in libraries c1990

Obviously working through the social sciences section.
Man, a lot of these books sound interesting . . . .

And yes, the catalog cards are available for purchase; 100 cards for $10

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