Day Before Leap Day Sale

Stop by on Sunday 2/28/16 from 7:30 through 3:00 pm.
We have special pricing deals on a wide selection of our inventory.
Up to and in some cases beyond 50% off.
Prepare to have your head spin.

Library catalog card selections

Boxing up cards from a library card catalog from a community college, and out of the orderliness and precision (301.450973 as one example) of the Dewey decimal system a sampling of titles that caught my eye:

Radical chic & mau-mauing the flak catchers
Why can't they be like us?
Outcasts in their own land
Life on the English manor
Protestant establishment: aristocracy and caste
The golden bowl be broken
Diary of a sit-in
Children of the uprooted
The free negro in North Carolina, 1790-1860
Intellectuals today: problems in changing society
Trucker: portrait of the last American cowboy
Wolf by the ears
Red, white and blue-collar views
Meaning and demeaning of routine work
Dispossessed majority
Getting back together
Physics and its fifth dimension
101 uses of dBase in libraries c1990

Obviously working through the social sciences section.
Man, a lot of these books sound interesting . . . .

And yes, the catalog cards are available for purchase; 100 cards for $10

Coming Soon . . . CHALKBOARDS

Vintage wood frame and steel frame rolling and rotating school chalkboards will be available for purchase very soon.

Pending slight tweaks and refurbs, we will have 5 of these classic classroom chalkboards for sale.

School Desks

While acquiring, transporting, cleaning, and processing school desks for sale at Dreamers and Makers it has become apparent there are many styles of the open-front school desk we remember from our days in the classroom.  I, for one, was an attentive student striving for straight As who also somehow had time to draw highly detailed Peter Max-esque designs on my desk top.  Good to know, parents, that the laminate tops on our school desks are eminently cleanable.

This author was intrigued enough by the subject to write an article about it:

We currently have in stock desks that are variations on Akanegbu's Steel-and-chrome and the Old-is-new-again desks dating from the 1960s through 80s.

We have desks in the sleek all-welded all-metal Heywood Wakefield vein: tops are fixed on this version.  They come in a couple different colors of book boxes as well as lamination on the tops.

Newer 1980s desks feature bolt-on tubular legs with chrome shins that have deeper adjustment capabilities than the HW desks.  This allows your desk to be used for a wider range of child sizes, up to adult size.  Metal book tubs.

Interestingly, some of the old is new again desks feature octagonal tops, giving a bit more surface area for those students who need it.

Finally, there are the economy desks with plastic book tubs mounted on metal adjustable legs.

All of these desks are easy to customize and refinish.  With a hex wrench, remove the chrome leg portions.  Carefully unscrew the wood top from the book box: Remember, those screws have been through decades of use.  Paint, wax, distress, etc the book box and top leg portions; then reassemble.  You might need a bit of screw tightener when reattaching the tops.  Adjust your leg height to match your student or other need (people all over the world use these desks as end tables, nightstands, little patio tables and storage cabinets, TV or computer stands, etc etc etc)

School desks now available.  We also have book-rack chairs and lots of other classroom-inspired furnishings that are functional, solid, and made in the USA.

Makers at the Fair

We want to call your attention to the amazing craftspeople and artists that work before Fair and behind the scenes in the Visual Arts building to create each year a new theme and special ambiance for your art  viewing pleasure.

This year we were thrilled when the VA people contacted us seeking metal and machinery.

When you enter the building, after taking a good long look at the wonderful variety of drawings, painting, photos on display on the walls,
                                                                 look up.

In the center of the building over the demonstration area is a galaxy of steam punk and/or restoration hardware (!?) inspired hanging lights.

The Visual Arts creative crew transformed our metal spheres, octagons, circles and other metallic items into these amazing fixtures.


Here's what some of them looked like before:

Also to be found in the building are some of our vintage machines and gizmos.  If you can tear your eyes away from the extraordinary young people's art works, see if you can locate the galvanometers and calculators:

If you are a creative force in OC, consider us a source for materials for your next project.  Whether it's a piece of furniture for restoration, props for your event or next horror film, or that perfect hunk of metal, there's a 'fair' chance we'll have now or soon.

Thank You OC Fair Visual Arts crew for your support and encouragement!

Chaising Card Catalogs

Once upon a sunny southern California day we acquired some great burnt-sienna colored hotel-style Tropitone chaise lounges.  Loved the color and the quality workmanship in these late 80s lounges.

So we brought them to the shop and cleaned them up, put them up for sale.  Some time passed and
a meteor shower intervened so we decided to bring along two of the lounges for ideal eyes on the sky comfort.

Then there was a wedding in the woods.  Nothing like snoozing under the oaks after a great party.  Back to the city and work.  A big part of our work is acquiring new interesting things, and a real interesting item came our way involving travel to central California.  Made sense to make a mini vacation out of the trip, so we hitched up the trailer and grabbed the lounges again.

After an amazing sunset and cozy night on the Tropitones, we headed down the mountain to pick up our 80 drawer slide cabinet and trailer it home.

Toward the end of summer a nice couple bought the burnt-sienna lounges, I think with an eye to restrapping and powder coating them.  We can attest, after nights in Lone Pine, Palomar, and Lake Cachuma, that these chaise lounges had good bones, well worth restoring.

Brown lounges . . . I missed you for awhile.  But here's my new fave:

Aluminum frame with thick thick thick naugahyde spring loaded cushion.  Complete with wheels . . . where do you want to go?

Carts Are Good For Many Things

Over time we have stocked in many utility carts of various shapes, sizes and original intentions.  Could be because we have an affinity for them.  Tables that roll. Shelves that roll.  Cabinets that roll.  All good.  We attract them through caster magnetism and they seem to roll our way.  Carts go but they also come and we always have some available for sale.

We have used carts in many ways, as work stations, tool and hardware storage, store display, nursery cartage, and basically a very handy way to get things from point A to point B.  These are vintage all-welded solid steel made in USA three shelf utility carts from a college science department.  Top photo is a all-welded long green shop cart-turned plant display.

Our cart buyers have used our carts not only for their intended purposes:  As AV carts (Bretford fully powered Model E), as machine shop carts, food preparation (Lakeside Mfg, Milwaukee WI),

but also for other nefarious purposes:  ceramics drying rack, entertainment center shelving, book shelves, garage storage, and so on.

When you need a cart, check with us and see what we have in stock.
We will be curious to know what you're going to use it for:
Tamale cart?  Face painting station?  Base for your next kinetic sculpture race-mobile?

Vintage all steel hand truck cart
Grow cart      
                                       Nifty aluminum hand truck cart gone native

Handy baker's cart   

Machinist cart in scintillating and safety yellow