Dreamers and Makers

And Who, you may ask, are the Dreamers and Makers?

Paul says, never take my dreams away!  So I never did.
Here he is dreaming about having a little cabin in the Eastern Sierra where he can get out in his jeep and tool around looking for people to talk to.  Paul's greatest passion is people.  He loves to tell stories and hear stories.  He has a soft spot for the Owens Valley and its tormented history and resilient people.
By the way, we find a lot of good stuff out in the Owens Valley and points beyond.
A good thing since we love to road trip.
Paul drives, I navigate, we both take in the scenery and breathe.
It works somehow.
But we also find a great deal of goods in our own backyard, sometimes literally!  Orange County has grown up.  It's not just a subdivision anymore but is acquiring the patina and stockpile of history and interesting stories.  The people we have met that have bought our goods are a big part of our enjoyment.  Thank you all!

Joyce is the one behind the camera in most of the family photos.  As a child I was tagged as a "do-er and maker" because I was always working on some little crafty project or another.  It's good I met up with Paul, because he knew how to do things I never tried, and is very good at packing an impossible amount of stuff into a pickup truck.
Our roots are in gardening and garden photography, particularly insect life in the garden, is one of my obsessions.  My blog, Am I Bugging You Yet? contains a decade of posts about my home garden mostly.  It's validating how much there is to see right out the front (or back) door.

Together we are Paul y Joyce, joined at the hip practically.  Been in business together for 26 years, so what do we do?  Dream up a new business idea and Make it happen.  Our sincere goal in Dreamers and Makers is to save quality and interesting goods from obsolescence and make them available to Orange County families and craftspeople at reasonable value.  We take joy in refurbishing items; we love seeing what buyers make of our items.  We aim to network with and support the OC community of resellers and artisans to further the cause of buying local, making stuff and dreaming.

This is us exulting over our little neighborhood plant nursery.  We grow ornamental plants for our landscaping business and also sell to the local home gardening community.
If you have any questions about goods offered at Dreamers-and-Makers.com 
do not hesitate to contact us.