Carts Are Good For Many Things

Over time we have stocked in many utility carts of various shapes, sizes and original intentions.  Could be because we have an affinity for them.  Tables that roll. Shelves that roll.  Cabinets that roll.  All good.  We attract them through caster magnetism and they seem to roll our way.  Carts go but they also come and we always have some available for sale.

We have used carts in many ways, as work stations, tool and hardware storage, store display, nursery cartage, and basically a very handy way to get things from point A to point B.  These are vintage all-welded solid steel made in USA three shelf utility carts from a college science department.  Top photo is a all-welded long green shop cart-turned plant display.

Our cart buyers have used our carts not only for their intended purposes:  As AV carts (Bretford fully powered Model E), as machine shop carts, food preparation (Lakeside Mfg, Milwaukee WI),

but also for other nefarious purposes:  ceramics drying rack, entertainment center shelving, book shelves, garage storage, and so on.

When you need a cart, check with us and see what we have in stock.
We will be curious to know what you're going to use it for:
Tamale cart?  Face painting station?  Base for your next kinetic sculpture race-mobile?

Vintage all steel hand truck cart
Grow cart      
                                       Nifty aluminum hand truck cart gone native

Handy baker's cart   

Machinist cart in scintillating and safety yellow

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