Chaising Card Catalogs

Once upon a sunny southern California day we acquired some great burnt-sienna colored hotel-style Tropitone chaise lounges.  Loved the color and the quality workmanship in these late 80s lounges.

So we brought them to the shop and cleaned them up, put them up for sale.  Some time passed and
a meteor shower intervened so we decided to bring along two of the lounges for ideal eyes on the sky comfort.

Then there was a wedding in the woods.  Nothing like snoozing under the oaks after a great party.  Back to the city and work.  A big part of our work is acquiring new interesting things, and a real interesting item came our way involving travel to central California.  Made sense to make a mini vacation out of the trip, so we hitched up the trailer and grabbed the lounges again.

After an amazing sunset and cozy night on the Tropitones, we headed down the mountain to pick up our 80 drawer slide cabinet and trailer it home.

Toward the end of summer a nice couple bought the burnt-sienna lounges, I think with an eye to restrapping and powder coating them.  We can attest, after nights in Lone Pine, Palomar, and Lake Cachuma, that these chaise lounges had good bones, well worth restoring.

Brown lounges . . . I missed you for awhile.  But here's my new fave:

Aluminum frame with thick thick thick naugahyde spring loaded cushion.  Complete with wheels . . . where do you want to go?

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